Take your business to the next level.  Step up.  It’s your Marketing that will keep the prospects and the deals coming in.  Grow your business.  Attract new clients.

No more time wasting struggles with trying to create a perfect marketing letter to send.  You can easily use what already works.  Receive all 36 proven marketing letters specifically written for RE Investors.   Marketing Letters that resonate with property owners and get responses.  I would keep your business phone  with you at all times because it will ring!

One of the reasons we decided to start our own RE business was that we wanted to help people.  Sincerely.  Sure we both had interests in real estate but even our tagline “changing lives one home at a time” reflected this sentiment.

So if there is one piece of advice that you will allow me to offer it would be this:  To succeed in Real Estate you need to have a consistent marketing plan to bring in new leads.  Our Marketing Letters will certainly help with this.


There are 25 Direct Mail Marketing Letters (one Bonus Letter) and 12 Building Rapport/ Follow-up Letters.

Though the names and addresses have been changed the events and stories are real.  Some of the letters are “short and sweet” while others contain two pages.  The overall theme is that the reader has a real estate related problem and you have possible solutions.

A key point to remember is that some folks only respond after receiving multiple mailings.  In other words, it may take at least one or two follow ups with someone before they respond.  No worries, I have many follow up letters included as well.

Every letter is basically a mini case study as I explain what I was thinking and I also offer my suggestions.  For example, if you KNOW you are sending a letter to a Senior Citizen you should always increase the font size.


As a Real Estate Investor you need to practice the mindset of taking action.  There are far too many folks who have ordered courses and materials and are still waiting to do their first deal.

How much money can you make when you don’t make any offers?  Exactly.

Take action today.