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It all starts with your marketing …

Whether you are brand new or a seasoned pro, one thing is for sure, you need to constantly keep your marketing machine going.

As a former successful Investor myself, along with my good friend Carol, we know this all too well.  Over the years, we created more than thirty specific Real Estate Marketing Letters that we mailed out on a regular basis.  The letters worked.  We got replies.

Now here is the point.  Though we have both moved on to other exciting business ventures, I still had all these terrific Marketing Letters on my laptop!

Carol suggested that I let other folks use them.  A kind of “pay it forward” type of thing she said.

There are Marketing Letters for almost any situation.  Pre-foreclosure, Vacant House, Probate, Attorney, Realtor, etc.  I even have “Building Rapport” and “Follow up” letters, because after all, they have to like you to do business with you.

You can easily download my letters, save the files to your computer, open with Microsoft Word and simply edit any letter you choose.  Even type right over my logo, and send out a letter to a prospect tomorrow if you want!

Take your business to the next level.  Step up.  It’s your Marketing that will keep the prospects and the deals coming in.  Grow your business and attract new clients.  You can get  ALL Thirty-Six “tried and true” Marketing Letters for under twenty bucks.  Yep, I’ll send those to you immediately so you can get started right away.

Make this year a success!  Take action.


Jim Waddell



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